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The fissures in the bank of diluvial ice on the Lena, which was far bigger than ours, had, according to Toll's findings, gradually filled with earth from the top downwards, and its upper surface covered with alluvial soil to such an extent that a fair number of the tundra plants were able to take root on it.

When does lois and clark start dating

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Scents & Sensibility [email protected] An evil genius plots to control people's minds with an airborne formula -- and he plans to use kryptonite to take Superman out of the picture.

Scientific Impossibility Mouserocks 20Kb With a little help from an old enemy, Clark discovers a new passion to pursue: astronomy! Scrabble Sam Jackson 17Kb Lois spends time at Clark's apartment after her place is ransacked, and a late-night Scrabble game turns into something more. The Scrabble Game II: Lois's Revenge Anna Botsakou 3Kb Cheating is not the way to win a Scrabble game, but what about evading the rules?

Season's Greeting - a Poem Jennilyn Lazo 3Kb A poem that describes the events in the episode "Season's Greedings." Seasons' Greedings to One and All Richards, Wendy 9Kb A romantic continuation of the episode "Seasons' Greedings," picking up where the show left off. [email protected]) 20Kb A sentimental peek at Christmas-future with the Kent family. Second Chances Pam Jernigan 87Kb Clark helps Lois recover from a brutal attack by thugs intent on learning Superman's secrets.

Season's Regrets Richards, Wendy 9Kb What happened after the carollers left in the episode "Season's Greedings"? Season's Wishes Round Robin 16Kb What if the episode "Season's Greedings" had continued another few minutes? There's only one problem -- to keep herself from revealing a certain fact, Lois' mind had blanked it out.

(This is the English translation of the author's Der Schrei .) Scribbles Katherine Kent 13Kb Clark finds Lois' notepad. Season's Greedings (Cont.) Diane Levitan and Perri Smith 10Kb A continuation of the episode "Season's Greedings" in which Clark surprises Lois with a trip to an outdoor ice-skating rink.

Season's Greedings (Just 10 Minutes More, Please) Lisa Mob 5Kb A continuation of the episode "Season's Greedings" -- what happened between Lois and Clark after listening to the Christmas carolers.

Save This Dance for Me: A Lois & Clark Valentine's Day Fairy Tale Bob Bartholomew 18Kb Feeling lonely, a college age Clark Kent stops at a Valentine's Day dance in Metropolis.

He encounters a young woman in the midst of one of the greatest challenges of her life.

And she knows there has to be a way to save her daddy, because he surely can't get rid of her on his own.

Instead, Lois and his friends believe that his death was real, and Lois deals with her subsequent emotions.

Two weeks after the fateful night, in a desperate need to see Clark one more time, Lois turns to a videotape where she discovers some important truths.

Alphabetical by story title (note that the articles a, an and the are disregarded when they appear at the front of the title).

1 | A | B | Ca | Cl | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | La | Lo | M | N | O | P | Q | R | Sa | So | Ta | Ti | U | V | W | X | Y | Z A Sad Return Chiara Prato 19Kb Clark returns from New Krypton three years after he left to find Lois raising a baby.