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Destinations with a yes in the Express Route for Office 365 BGP Communities column are advertised over Express Route and the Internet with the exception of *.outlook.com, there are specific sub-FQDNs within this domain, such as the CNAME xsi.which refers to a CDN that have no published IPs and are not available over Express Route, there are other sub-domains that are available on Express Route, learn more by reading the section, Deciding which applications and features route over Express Route.

Requests originate from browsers, clients, and servers and requires the authenticated user to be passed.The domains and nodes that the wildcard *.represents include sub-domains and nodes for Exchange Online functionality, 3rd party CDNs for Exchange Online such as xsi.outlook.com, and sub-domains that other parts of o365 use. 13.1/31 13.1/31 .128/25 131.2/32 1.16/28 1.224/28 1.128/28 1.0/21 1.0/20 2.215/32 2.128/25 2.128/26 2606::/40 2616::/40 2600::/40 2626::/40 2600::/39 2600::/39 2600::/40 2600::/40 2636::/39 2600::/40 2600::/40 2600::/40 2600::/38 2636:0c00::/40 2646::/37 2600::/40 2656::/40 2600::/40 2600::/40 2696::/38 2600::/40 2600::/40 2696:0c00::/40 2696:a00::/39 26a00::/40 26a00::/40 26a00::/40 26a00::/40 26d00::/40 2620:1ec:4::152/128 2620:1ec:4::153/128 2620:1ec:a92::152/128 2620:1ec:a92::153/128 2620:1ec:c::10/128 2620:1ec:c::11/128 2620:1ec:d::10/128 2620:1ec:d::11/128 2a1:f400::/48 To use Exchange Online Protection as a stand alone service or as the SMTP engine with Exchange Online, you must be able to connect to the endpoints marked required below.Also keep in mind that Machine accounts won’t work with proxies that require outbound authentication..224/29 .64/26 .16/29 .16/29 23.1/29 23.1/29 23.1/29 23.1/29 23.1/29 23.1/29 40.1/28 40.1/29 .136/29 .128/25 .0/23 1.48/28 1.120/29 1.16/28 1.16/29 1.16/29 1.16/29 1.128/25 1.128/25 1.0/25 1.104/29 1.8/29 1.64/28 104.2/29 104.2/29 104.2/29 104.2/28 104.2/32 104.2/32 104.2/32 104.2/32 104.2/29 1.128/25 1.128/25 1.0/25 1.0/25 1.0/25 1.192/26 1.128/25 1.0/25 1.0/25 1.0/25 261::4a0/128 261::4a1/128 261::4a2/128 261::4a3/128 261::4a4/128 261::4a5/128 261::4a6/128 261::4a7/128 261::4aa/128 261::581/128 261::583/128 261::584/128 261::586/128 261::588/128 261::589/128 261::58a/128 261::58b/128 261::58c/128 261:2::/64 261:3::/64 2630:7::2c/128 2630:7::2d/128 2630:7::2f/128 2630:7::30/128 2630:7::34/128 2630:7::3f/128 2630:7::40/128 2630:7::41/128 2a05:6::/64 2a1:f102::4134:d89f/128 2a1:f102::4134:d944/128 2a1:f102::4134:d95f/128 2a1:f102::4134:da55/128 2a1:f102::4134:da5c/128 2a1:f102::4134:da81/128 2a1:f102::4134:dab5/128 2a1:f102::4134:daee/128 2a1:f102::4134:db2a/128 2a1:f102::4134:db60/128 2a1:f102::4134:db89/128 2a1:f102::4134:dbe7/128 2a1:f102::4134:dc2d/128 2a1:f102::4134:dc2e/128 2a1:f102::4134:dc43/128 2a1:f102::4134:dc6e/128 2a1:f102::4134:dd7a/128 2a1:f102::4134:ddcb/128 2a1:f102::8975:2c3b/128 2a1:f102::8975:2c3f/128 2a1:f102::8975:2c6d/128 2a1:f102::8975:2cdd/128 2a1:f102::8975:2cea/128 2a1:f102::8975:2ced/128 2a1:f102::8975:2d08/128 2a1:f102::8975:2d19/128 2a1:f102::8975:2d25/128 2a1:f102::8975:2d4d/128 2a1:f102::8975:2d6a/128 2a1:f102::8975:2d97/128 2a1:f102::8975:2daa/128 2a1:f102::8975:2dc7/128 2a1:f102::89a0/128 2a1:f102::8903/128 2a1:f102::8978/128 2a1:f102::898f/128 2a1:f102::8999/128 2a1:f102::8944/128 2a1:f102::8996/128 2a1:f102::8998/128 2a1:f102::89b3/128 2a1:f102::89ec/128 2a1:f102::89eb/128 2a1:f102::89f8/128 2a1:f102::893b/128 2a1:f102::89b5/128 2a1:f101::4625:a3ee/128 2a1:f101::4625:a4b6/128 2a1:f101::4625:a4ba/128 2a1:f101::4625:a4c7/128 2a1:f101::4625:a4cf/128 2a1:f101::4625:a4ee/128 2a1:f101::4625:a56f/128 2a1:f101::4625:a589/128 2a1:f100::6fdd:6a44/128 2a1:f100::6fdd:6b96/128 2a1:f100::6fdd:6bb6/128 2a1:f100::6fdd:6c82/128 2a1:f100::6fdd:6d1c/128 2a1:f100::6fdd:6d23/128 2a1:f100::6fdd:6d50/128 2a1:f100::6fdd:6d88/128 2a1:f100:a004::bfeb:8a92/128 2a1:f100:a004::bfeb:8ab0/128 2a1:f100:a004::bfeb:8b12/128 2a1:f100:a004::bfeb:8b15/128 2a1:f100:a004::bfeb:8b3c/128 2a1:f100:a004::bfeb:8b47/128 2a1:f100:a004::bfeb:8b6c/128 2a1:f100:a004::bfeb:8beb/128 2a1:f100:a004::bfeb:8c55/128 2a1:f100:a004::bfeb:8c6d/128 2a1:f100:a004::bfeb:8c6f/128 2a1:f100:a004::bfeb:8c88/128 2a1:f100:a004::bfeb:8cc0/128 2a1:f100:a004::bfeb:8cdc/128 2a1:f100:a004::bfeb:8d83/128 2a1:f100:a004::bfeb:8d96/128 2a1:f100:a004::bfeb:8daa/128 2a1:f101::1729/128 2a1:f101::1748/128 2a1:f101::1761:4b83/128 2a1:f101::1761:4f0d/128 2a1:f101::1761:4f32/128 2a1:f101::1761:4f64/128 2a1:f101::1761:4f8d/128 2a1:f101::1761:4fc0/128 2a1:f400::/48 2001:df0:d0::/64 260::/64 2a35:8::/64 2a0a:a::/64 2a1:f406:1::/64 2a1:f406:2::/64 2a1:f404::/64 2a1:f405::/64 2a1:f404::/64 2A1: F400::/64 2a1:f401::/64 2a1:f406:a003::/64 2A1: F406: C00::/64 Internet & ER accessible: shared services | authentication | Office Online | Exchange Online | Exchange Online Protection | Skype for Business Online | Microsoft Teams | Share Point Online and One Drive | Dynamics CRM IP | Dynamics CRM URI | Power BI Internet accessible: Office 365 Video and Microsoft Stream | Yammer | Sway | Planner | Office Clients | Microsoft Intune | Microsoft Power Apps | Microsoft Flow Every Office 365 service depends on the required endpoints in the Office 365 portal and shared and Office 365 authentication and identity sections to function.Other wildcards such as *.office.com, *.office.net, *.onmicrosoft.com, *.microsoft.com, & *.are used to capture the long list of shared Microsoft-wide services that Office 365 relies on at times and can be treated as general Internet traffic where a specific FQDN is not defined.