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Austin's third division consists of the flat-lying sedimentary layers that make up the bulk of Grand Canyon rocks, and he attributes these layers to sedimentation during the early part of Noah's Flood.

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This includes lake sediments, landslide deposits, gravels, and lava flows, all of which occurred after the Flood (Austin 19).

After explaining how the rocks of the Grand Canyon were formed, Austin then presents his theory for how these rocks were eroded to create the canyon itself.

Austin believes that a catastrophic flood originated north of the present canyon and rapidly carved the canyon in a relatively small amount of time.

Austin explains that rapid erosion of bedrock can occur through the processes of cavitation bubbles, hydraulic plucking, and hydraulic vortexes, which can erode large amounts of relatively hard rock very quickly (Austin 194).

Austin uses several examples of breached dams causing catastrophic flooding to support his claim.