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), but the school loans and living expenses loom large on the future debt spectrum.

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" I would sit in her kitchen and the only answer that would come to mind was: "It's so damn familiar." I can say the same about the Balkans. It could have been Turkey, Greece, Albania, Bulgaria (my birth country), or Macedonia - I wasn't an outsider. Yes, there are moments when you want to run out of the house; there are times when you want to jump in front of a car. Because of one wrong move, you suffer the rest of your life," said Vika, who was trafficked to Dubai when she was 19 - Moldova, 2004 [Mimi Chakarova] It took time to find women who had survived.

I didn't intend to spend more than a year covering human trafficking. I didn't intend on reporting in more than two countries. Before my trips, my mum used to ask: "It took us so many years to get out of poverty, why do you keep returning there? You just shouldn't be hot tempered and act out on impulse.

Sometimes they [the clients] are dirty and smell of sweat. The customer enters the room, chooses the girl he wants and forces himself on her. The other two huddle in the corner and wait for it to be over. One of them has been looking for a sharp object with which to slit her wrists but finds nothing in the room. She hopes for a knife, but wonders how she will get it from his pocket. I couldn't let down all the girls who had talked to me and eventually let me film them. My only way of seeking justice is through my reporting and filming.

You have no choice." - Moldova, 2005 [Mimi Chakarova] It was dangerous. As a woman, I couldn't pose as a client as many of my male investigative colleagues did. Once a day, the door opens and the man - the father of the children and husband of the wife - throws a few bananas into the room, then quickly locks the door. I can't eat out of the same plate as my mother." - Moldova, 2005 [Mimi Chakarova] I was given an award for courage at the Lincoln Center in New York. Everything I knew about trafficking went into the making of was used as a tool in anti-corruption police units in Serbia before we even released it.

I also had no budget for this work so coming up with a more elaborate undercover trafficking operation wasn't a viable option. I had to devise a plan that could get me into these spaces. The husband unlocks the door to the room, stands outside, then escorts the men to the front door when they're finished, collects their money and tells them to come again. They are nothing but filthy animals, he thinks to himself. 'My only weapon is my work' "I was 18 when I was sold by a woman in my village," said Katia, who was trafficked to Turkey. I said they should have given me an award for anger instead. Then several months later, the US State Department asked to use it as a training tool in embassies throughout the world.

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Meaning "quality of being male or female" first recorded 1520s.In it lives a husband, his wife and their two children. Inside the room are three trafficked girls from Moldova. Six months later and back in her village in Moldova, Olesea couldn't tell her mother the truth of how she was sold for sex in Turkey. And after almost three years of this documentary being shown at film festivals, universities and on television screens throughout the world, I was finally able to get it in front of viewers in Turkey.She came home pregnant and had an abortion at a local clinic. There are clients looking for girls who are locked and forced into a life of prostitution. A girl unbuttons her shirt and tells me: "Take a picture." Her chest is covered with cigarette burns. CNN Turk reached out and conducted an interview with me about my undercover work in Istanbul.I've been in the presence of sadness that has no end. She remains in Turkey as an illegal immigrant, and rarely leaves the house out of fear of being deported and losing custody of her son - Moldova, 2004 [Mimi Chakarova] People don't know.It's a well without a bottom full of water as black as the darkest night. Once you enter this world, it consumes you and eats at your dreams. But no, men are not the only reason why trafficking continues to happen all over our world. Those of us who work in journalism assume that everyone has the information necessary to make the right decisions. The perfect example of this was the number of sold-out screenings I was personally present for. So why did people stay for an additional two hours of Q&A? It is our job to connect the dots and to spend time investigating complex and dangerous issues. I know many of my colleagues would disagree with me on that last statement. I had to ensure that I offered the knowledge I had gathered from the people who shared it with me over the years.The questions that came up were often similar: How has this work changed you? They are cattle, cargo, a commodity to be used and resold as many times as possible. The family had only heard from her once – a letter she sent to her home village.