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Test names are the property of the respective trademark holders, none of which are endorsed by nor affiliated with Kaplan or this website. *Guarantee: Some restrictions apply to money back guarantee. When nurses agree with what a client just shared, it may influence the client’s perception of what is acceptable, which may not reflect the values of the client but that of the nurse.This could also influence the client to modify their behaviors based on the client’s assumption that the accepted values will be used to judge the client’s behaviors.Therapeutic communication is one of the most difficult things for nurses to master when caring for those who are trying to cope with the stressors of disease, illness, and even the loss of life.Finding the right things to say in times of great distress is one of the key elements in establishing a therapeutic relationship.By providing periods of silence, the nurse is showing the client that they are invested in listening to the client, and allowing the client time to shift the conversation in their preferred direction.Positive body language is an important tool to promote a therapeutic relationship.

In many circumstances, silence is more appropriate than the most carefully thought out response.

In many international countries including America, Canada, Australia and Scandinavian countries, addressing a commitment to provide health and social care in mainstream services that embrace the principles of rights, independence, choice and social inclusion rather than exclusion [Scottish Executive 1999, Horwitz et al. (Miller et al 2008) supported by (Philips (2012) suggests that people with intellectual disabilities are living longer now therefore need better primary healthcare and more frequently, general nurses who are at the forefront primary care will therefore need to provide adequate care form them.

This essay will look at the importance of nurses working with people with intellectual disability their families and carers through the nurse-client therapeutic relationship.

When a client shares their feelings, it is essential for the nurse to acknowledge them and encourage the client to express them.

By validating a client’s anxieties, frustrations, and pain, the nurse enters into a therapeutic relationship with the client.