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Joe Nelson of Armagh City Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council said: “This borough is open for business, and growing the local economy, in partnership with key stakeholders, is top of our agenda.

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Most men know the rules: if we want to see you, we have to ask you out. In three lines, you told me that: You had a great date. She texted you a thank you (even though you thanked her for a nice evening).

Apart from the fact that this plays like an episode of “What Not To Do in Dating” Theater, I can’t fathom what other evidence you need to feel confident in asking her out. Messenger pigeons carrying a note saying “Ask me out again”? If you wonder about this kind of dating etiquette, this is exactly what we cover in my 8-week Passion Course – understanding how to be a great first date, always get a second date, date multiple people, deal with sex and intimacy, understand the opposite sex, etc.

) (I could do this all day.) magazine who interviewed me for a graphic design position when I was trying to decide if I should get a new job or leave New York all together in 2008.

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If we're going to be so quick to enforce the one side, then the people who are responsible for doing the reviewing need to do their part too.

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I'm optimistic, though I cannot state with certainty as to whether this will be the final attempt.

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