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” “It’s hard to explain.” In fact, it’s quite difficult to explain what talking-texting means to a “32-year-old” woman (you’re welcome, Mom). ” How often has one of your friends said that to you? In olden times, ink-laden letters were sent via carrier pigeon, full of beautiful words to woo their loved ones.

But when speaking to others of our generation, it’s just something that we inherently understand. I’m prepared to say that college students probably spend more time attempting to figure out what to say in a text to someone they like than writing an actual paper. Nowadays, it can take you a full hour to convince yourself that “lol” is the best response to a text.

As Horn puts it, “We don’t say the things we really want to say to our partners because we think if we stay quiet we can protect our vulnerable feelings.

When can you start making videos of yourself in the shower to send to a new paramour?Fair trade, if you ask me.” (And don’t forget to double-check your privacy settings.) In the bedroom, Horn says, “I honestly believe that people do know what to say; they just need a little help with how to say it.” “There is no such thing as an intrinsically offensive word,” Horn says, but it’s important to respect with your partner’s wishes about what upsets or triggers them, and to know your own mind on the matter.Use a past/present/future formula to relive past sexy times, state your present excitement, and allude to what’s going to happen next time you see your lover. Technology may have made it oh-so-easy to send sexy selfies and tawdry texts to jerk off to, but that doesn’t make it okay to be a figurative jerk-off. “It may seem like there are no consequences to online cruelty, but the world is just better when everyone practices the Golden Rule […] At any rate,” Horn reminds, “it’s a well-known fact that those who exhibit common human decency give the best head.” Do not check your dating apps — or anything else on your phone — while you’re on a date.You can be the best version of yourself — no matter your size, shape, gender or orientation — but without good communication skills, no one will know it.How do you take the perfect photo and pair it with tantalizing text?These steps are mostly fool-proof and can take off years of stress. Funny: Be funny — hopefully that isn’t too difficult for you. It could be the next sequel to The Hangover.” Are they into politics?