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Students usually select three or four subjects from the GCSEs they have just taken, for one "AS" year, the AS exams being taken at the end of Lower Sixth.Three subjects are then carried into the A2 year (the dropped AS being "cashed in" as a qualification) and further exams are taken at the end of that year.Those who stayed on at school to study for A-levels moved up into the sixth form, which was divided into the Lower Sixth and the Upper Sixth.In some private schools, the term Middle Sixth was used in place of Upper Sixth, with the latter being used for those who stayed on for an extra term to take the entrance examinations that were previously set for candidates to Oxford or Cambridge universities.The term sixth form describes the school years numbered 12 and 13, which are called the Lower Sixth (L6) and Upper Sixth (U6) by many schools.The term survives from an earlier system when the first five years of English secondary schooling were known as forms (which would originally have been long backless benches on which rows of pupils sat in the classroom).However, the vast majority of Scottish students return for S6 if they plan to attend university.

Pupils would move up a form each year before entering the fifth form in the academic year in which they would have their sixteenth birthday.

In India and Nepal, it is the " 2" part of the "10 2" educational system.

In 2009, Malaysia, which previously used Tingkatan Enam Bawah dan Atas (Lower and Upper Sixth), switched to Pra-Universiti 1 (Pre-University 1, replacing Lower Sixth) and Pra-Universiti 2 (Pre-University 2, replacing Upper Sixth) to reflect that the sixth and seventh years prepare students for university.

Pupils in Scotland may leave once they have reached the age of 16; those who reach 16 before 30 September may leave after national examinations in May, whilst those who are 16 by the end of February may leave the previous Christmas.

It is not essential for candidates to do a sixth year if they wish to attend a Scottish university, as they have obtained adequate Higher grades in S5 they may apply and receive acceptance, but this is conditional on being successful in the examinations.