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Chat rooms could be a powerful weapon in this fight because of their relatively passive nature.With direct private communication, users typically pop in and out just to send and read messages.There’s always a possibility that the feature gets scrapped rather than rolled out, its interface evolves significantly, so know the details might change if Facebook decides if it is worthy of a wider release.The Facebook chat rooms feature creates an option to “Host Chat” in the Facebook home page’s status update composer.When clicked it opens a chat room that the host can name if there’s a specific purpose for the room, such as discussing a certain topic, planning an event, or working on a project.The host can add specific friends to the room, similar to Facebook’s existing ad-hoc private group chat feature.In the ’90s, AOL was the king of online chat rooms.

For tech giants like Apple, Google, and Facebook, messaging encourages platform lock-in, driving time spent on their other products.Internet dating lets you meet highly compatible single people as opposed to approaching someone offline and not knowing if they are a good match.On Xtreem Conne X, online dating and social networking gets combined into one great & fun social experience.I’ve contacted Facebook and it confirms it has begun testing this feature in the wild.Reminiscent of the old AOL chat rooms, it could get Facebook users to meet friends of friends and spend more time on the site.But people often keep chat rooms open for long periods of time.