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I suggest stating a college that you are familiar with or say that you got your degree online.

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Other young people are recruited into prostitution through forced abduction, pressure from parents, or through deceptive agreements between parents and traffickers.

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In reality, the pimp traffics young women (and sometimes men) completely against their will by force or threat of force; this is human sex trafficking.

Traffickers represent every social, ethnic, and racial group. Some perpetrators are involved with local street and motorcycle gangs, others are members of larger nationwide gangs and criminal organizations, and some have no affiliation with any one group or organization.

Traffickers are not only men—women run many established rings.

These children generally come from homes where they have been abused or from families who have abandoned them.

Often, they become involved in prostitution to support themselves financially or to get the things they feel they need or want (like drugs).