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She had him log into the same chat room with a male profile and a female profile – and the difference was startling.The male profile received no messages, while the supposed 18-year-old woman’s profile was bombarded with sexual images within seconds.more The Internet once was seen as a golden "information superhighway" transporting the next generation to the Promised Land.Now it may feel more like a minefield -- seductive on the surface, but seeded with subterranean hazards.What experts fear is that parents remain relatively unaware of the much more ordinary hazards for their children in cyberspace: Profiteers who run online pharmacy and gambling sites -- and couldn't care less about the ages of their customers.Computer addiction, as players of elaborate online games such as World of Warcraft and City of Heroes become hopelessly obsessed.Web sites in which teens reinforce self-destructive behavior -- for example, "Friends of Ana" sites advocating anorexia.Blog blowback from hip cyber social registers such as the wildly popular My Space.com, in which kids become confessors and poseurs -- at their peril.

Defenders of cyberspace -- including its frequent young inhabitants -- say it encourages creativity and personal expression, and helps kids with similar interests connect across the globe, in a forum where race, accent and other physical attributes are irrelevant. But adults and kids alike should be aware of potential pitfalls.

It’s revolting." Another said: “Thank you for this info.

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"It was awful -- enough to make you feel physically ill just looking at it," said Principal Andrew Ishibashi.

"And of course word of it spread all around the school." Investigators have yet to pinpoint the perpetrator.