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Rendon validating culturally diverse students

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This is the situation in which many minority and first-generation students find themselves when embarking on a college experience (Rendn, Jalomo and Nora, 1998).Students worry that in order to be successful in college they will have to abandon their group identity.One of the most prominent student retention theorists is Vincent Tinto.Tintos theory, first published in 1975, focused on 4-year institutions, but his findings are also applicable to community colleges.The National Center for Education Statistics (2003), Beal and Noel (1980), and other researchers described characteristics of community college students who are at risk of not earning a degree for one or more of the above reasons.

Researchers describe many reasons for leaving college as well as student characteristics of non-persisters.

Students who are inadequately prepared for the magnitude of academic and social change required of them become overwhelmed and drop out.

This is particularly common among minority and first-generation students. It is not uncommon for students to change goals or majors while in college.

First-generation students are more likely to go to community colleges than attend four-year institutions.

Community college classes include students of different ages (Miller, 2001), life stages and historical generations.