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Then, the reasons for my discomfort became much more acute.

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The word npyl (nephil) in Aramaic means "great one" and is equivalent to nfy in Arabic, meaning hunter. Catherine Acholonu connects the Ar of Canaan to the Aro of Nigeria.

It is said concerning Nimrod that he was a mighty hunter or a mighty man before the Lord. She writes, "In Nigeria the caste under reference is the Ar/Aro caste of Igbo Eri priest-kings, who were highly militarized in their philosophy." The "mighty men of old" were a ruler caste (clans that practiced endogamy) who spread along mountain chains (high places) of Southern Europe and the Hindu Kush, and they likely controlled commerce through the Pamir Junction.

The gibbor-iym or elohiym comprise the divine council spoken of in Genesis. The idea spread across the ancient Afro-Asiatic Dominion. The Bible designates the archaic rulers as Kushites.

They were the builders of the high places and controlled commerce on the major water systems.

The Jehova’s Witnesses know of all the Pagan elements in the Christian religion, but they are deluded to the Nazarene -THE NAZARENE WAS STOLEN AND CORRUPTED AS WELL FROM 18 PAGAN GODS REPRESENTING A CONCEPT!


The Kanembu (Sudan) word for six is araku and the Tamil word is aarru.

Look at this deadbeat asshole and his replica of the EGYPTIAN PHARAOH’S HEADDRESS: SHAME ON HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The PAGAN GREEN MAN, is seen in cathedrals all over Europe: Gargoyles, which are lesser Demons are also seen lining nearly every major cathedral in Europe: This statue located in Strasbourg cathedral appears to be an Assyrian genie: There is so much more and it is endless.

Check out Vatican Square- the Egyptian obelisk in the middle of the Satanic wheel of the year: One must do enough research and all of the lies will be exposed.

The famous Vatican Staircase: Here is the DNA vortex and spiral of the kundalini serpent: Here is another one of the ceiling of the Vatican Staircase- NOTE THE DESIGN OF THE RUNIC GALDOR STAVES, YET THE THE DRUIDS AND OTHER PAGAN PRIESTS WERE MASS MURDERED BY THE INQUISITION; THE PENALTY FOR USING RUNES WAS AUTOMATIC DEATH: Note all of the Egyptian Gods in the Vatican Museum.