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The Inno does have a 10 minute buffer for live XM, but it is used only for recording.

Instead of the numbered presets most satellite radios have, the Inno has a list of favorite channels which always shows up first when you press the right arrow key.

When you think of satellite radio, you probably think of car audio.

Unlike some portable satellite radios, the Inno is entirely self-contained; it does not even require the special antenna headphones that some previous models did.When one of your selected artists or songs is played anywhere on XM, the Inno will beep (an actual beep from the device, not a sound in the headphones) and let you know, and you can switch directly to it.You can also bookmark tracks for later purchase in the XM Napster software (which I will explain in more detail below).The only flaw in the Inno’s construction is that the edges of the brushed metal bezel on the front are sharp, not smoothed down to the level of the surrounding case.At first I thought this only affected my Inno, but I’ve seen it mentioned in other reviews too.Here’s a closer look at the Inno’s remote and case.