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Thor, we need some dramatic emotes HAMMERBRO: YES, MADAM : D : H . ILOVETONYSTARK: you read through them all that fast? DAGUDCAP: fifty stripes of iron, it says Bruce: LOL! Peeps: why the hell am I being punished again Peeps: Cap's the one who mentioned coulson again ILOVETONYSTARK: OH YEAH AN UNFORGIVABLE SINDAGUDCAP: gee, thanks Clint. Bruce: heh, catchy.tashcosh: does anyone else notice that bruce is the only one who hasn't had a name change courtesy of stark? : KILOVETONYSTARK: hey now ILOVETONYSTARK: science privilege, avengebros. DABADCAP: And by the way Stark, for your sake I hope you fill out those three gold forms correctly when you finally do get to the mission report paperwork. DABADCAP: we've been talking for at least an hour and a half now. Peeps: lol, the word "titty" is in "chastity"DABADCAP: And people wonder why we don't get along. Peeps: oh finally ILOVETONYSTARK: DAMMIT COULSON HOW DO YOU KEEP GETTING PAST MY DEFENSES *guest-890489 changed nickname to DIRECTORFURY. DABADCAP: I don't know, there have been several huge ones already. insovietrussiawidowsquishyou: whatever fury's typed must be novel length by now. DABADCAP: It's starting to worry me that I feel used to this kind of insanity. DABADCAP: weren't you supposed to be getting popcorn? Peeps: OH SHIT I FORGOTBruce: wow so did Iinsovietrussiawidowsquishyou: six minutes. Bruce: ^_^ILOVETONYSTARK: haha, maybe you should cut back on the bets Clint Peeps: that's funny coming from your end Stark. It's been like fifteen minutes.tampontime: shut up. fury~~~DABADCAP: I'm actually starting to worry a bit about what he has to say.... HAMMERBRO: OH : GILOVETONYSTARK: hah another contender for the typo award.

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But as an interviewer her lacks the knowledge to gently guide his guest and let them tell their stories.

Instead he often has his jokes set up and works to steer the guest to a place where he can use his material or put them in a set up routine of some sort.

"When you go for your check-ups they call you a ‘geriatric mum’. "They say, ‘Ma’am, you are triple high risk’." Opening up about her 18-month-old son, Cat branded him delicious, but confessed being a mum made her anxious.The following year he appeared on BBC One’s Live At The Apollo to re-established his stand-up credentials.In 2010, he landed the job of hosting the topical show Stand Up For The Week on Channel 4.As with Clive Anderson, you can't help feel that Kielty is only interesting is doing his jokes and many guests are wasted as a result.I loved his stand up stuff so maybe I'm expecting too much from him, but I can't help feel that his show has run for a few series only because of the novelty value of having an `Norn Ire'and' accent on UK TV."I am awake all night listening out for him," the former CD: UK host continued. I am depressed I will never sleep again." The blonde stunner married husband Patrick back in 2012, in a secret ceremony in Italy.