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You probably remember the buzzword “staycation” as a product of the 2009 financial crises, defining the inexpensive stay-at-home-vacation, but staying in should not be your last resort.

Online dating sites for cancer survivors

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In some cases, surgery may be fairly minor and may leave nothing more than a scar.In other situations it may need to be more extensive and require removing part or all of an organ, or even a limb.The radiation may come from outside the body (external radiation) or from radioactive materials placed into or right next to the tumor (internal or implant radiation).Radiation is sometimes used along with other treatments, such as before or after surgery, or along with chemo. As with chemo, radiation therapy can affect normal cells as well as cancer cells.Normal brain cells grow quickly in the first few years of life, making them very sensitive to radiation.Doctors try to avoid using radiation therapy to the head or to postpone it in children younger than 3 years old to limit damage that might affect brain development.Some types of chemo drugs can damage these cells and keep them from growing and developing the way they should.Radiation treatment uses high-energy rays (such as x-rays) to kill cancer cells and shrink tumors.

This is by no means a complete list, as other late effects can occur as well.

If your child is being treated for cancer or if you were treated as a child, it’s important to speak with the health care team to learn more about the possible late effects based on your specific situation.

Some treatments used for tumors in the brain or to try to prevent cancer from spreading there can cause late effects.

But even in older children, radiation may cause problems such as learning disabilities.

Doctors try to use as little radiation as possible, but this needs to be balanced with the risk of the cancer growing or returning, as radiation therapy may be lifesaving in some cases.