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Plus, it’s hard to communicate with teens in love, and for young people to know what is, and isn’t, an abusive relationship.

Play the game for longer with * New video hints* Extra hints on a count down timer We are currently writing the next part of the story to be launched in a new game soon so like our facebook page for more info. The only thing I would have to complain about would have to be the ads because they are really annoying when I'm trying to type in to finish the sentence and the ad goes to a website online or it goes to the App Store here on my i Phone but overall this app is a really great game and if you haven't got it yet you should try it out but overall I think you will like it.. But you have to pay if you don't know a word or if you want to go to a "secret level" like I'm at lvl6 and can't read it because I don't have like 3000 coins..

“I figured I better start something a little less tangible,” he says.

So, eventually, he started a video game contest: the Life. Game Design Challenge, which is now in its sixth year, and just announced its 2013 winners.

Simply fill in the missing words from their conversations or thoughts! TIME to get into character and WIN coins for correct words!

They are talking fashion, proms, boyfriend, parties and so much more...will just want to be part of their group!