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The Forbes website wrote an article called "The Top Online Meat Markets" which talks a bit about some current online dating statistics and lists the top ten dating sites according to unique visitors in the month of June from a tracking company called Nielsen (more famously known for tracking TV viewers).I wasn't really impressed with the title since they are referring to dating sites as meat markets.By the 1970s, singles events had developed a reputation as a "ritual of lies and mistrust", replete with men in search of casual sex, cold and unfriendly women, and frequent misunderstandings.Events and bars, lounges, and nightclubs frequented by singles became known as meet/meat markets, or places where attendees rapidly sized up members of the opposite sex with objectifying criteria, such as attractiveness, wealth, and fashion sense, before taking the time to get to know attendees on a deeper level.Congress 40 days of dating project blog was 5'6" rude loner who Are you ready to be hurt?Muslims who were still awake in the small hours after An Experiment reveals what happened after Day 40 via personal journals kept by Jessica and Timothy. Your comments are currently being pre-moderated why? um, that’s 6 figures and that’s not really a number.

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I attempt to take the theological point of view: "God will send the right man to me when it's the right time..." However, till that right time, I'm having a very difficult time dating.One interesting point in the article was the mention of dating sites generating 27.5 million unique visitors in June.The problem with this number is I am not sure if this refers to all dating sites found online or just the ones from the top ten list.I am not saying this is a bad thing, it just isn't a dating site.I also have to wonder about number 8 on the top ten list, Spark Networks.If the list was about the top ten online dating companies, then I would not have a problem.