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They poured some water with herbs boiled in it over her body. After a little time everybody looked to see if the cut was okay, and after that, they started brewing some tea. ”Khazan: Was the girl like, “No, don’t do this to me! She didn’t flinch, and that’s apparently a really important part of showing your maturity: Can you withstand the pain? After my son was born, everyone in the delivery room popped a bottle of champagne. When I went back two years later, the girl came to me and gave the pills back. I guess the biggest question for me is what do they see as the benefit? Shell-Duncan: This is not true everywhere, but there, there it’s not about virginity. She’s reliant on her mother-in-law and her husband’s kin. Khazan: And where is the support for this practice coming from?
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