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However, doing dentistry on a patient who is experiencing pain is not good for anyone involved!

In certain cases, I will however recommend that we attempt without any local anesthesia.

But if it was even a day or two ago, there's a pretty good chance that the nerves were shot.

ETA that I assumed that no anaesthetic meant NO anaesthetic. I've never been given anything stronger for a root canal. The pain was unbelievable, but I have a very sensitive mouth and the usual amounts of novocaine don't work for me.

Since starting this blog in October 2012, readers have posted hundreds of comments on all aspects of dentistry.

While the comments vary significantly, there is one subject area that is consistently popular.

For the most part the lidocaine they use now means you have no pain - the stories about pain are based on very old techniques. In recent years I had 2 root canals and neither one hurt due to lidocaine. ( FYI in case you are wondering dentists stopped using novocaine decades ago, they use lidocaine now) 4.

Except in certain circumstances, the local anesthesia is for the comfort of the patient and is not required for the procedure.

Patients are always curious about epinephrine (a.k.a. First off, there is Nearly all dentists should carry at least one type of local anesthetic without epinephrine.

The most common is either 3% mepivacaine (brand name is carbocaine) or 4% prilocaine (brand name is Citanest Plain).

These are circumstances when the cavity is very small and restricted to the outermost layer of the teeth.

In these instances, little to no sensation is transmitted to the nerve of the tooth.