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Clown love - A show of appreciation or respect within the Juggalo Community Cotton Candy - A slang term describing dry or hairy pussy.(refers to Insane Clown Posse's song "Cotton Candy") Cherry Pie - A virgin pussy Carnival, The - short for Dark Carnival. (refers to Big Money Hustlas) "Clown Job" - The act of performing fellatio on a fellow juggalo/juggalette, causing your makeup to color their popsicle.Example: Juggalo 1: Yo this juggalette went and colored my dick Juggalo 2: My ninja she gave you a straight clown job.Clown Train - The act of multiple Juggalos running a train on one single Juggalette, causing her Cotton Candy to spread wide.In the wake of the recent Women's March on Washington, D.

A simple traffic stop for a broken tail light can — and has — resulted in an otherwise law-abiding, hard-working, taxpaying citizen being put on a local or state list of gang members simply for displaying their Juggalo pride.

Marvus The Strong defeated Harlan The Weak-Ass Hater and claimed all the Cotton Candy and Faygo in the Region.

Harlan The Weak-Ass Hater ended up drinking way too much Faygo and shitted out his asshole. You can find a statue of Marvus The Strong in the Great State of Detroit holding the mythical Moon Mist.

This war changed the way of life in the Great State of Detroit. Hound Dog - A fan that constantly bothers you for autographs and attention.

GWAP - money Gangslang - A group of punkass bitches talkin shit about your Juggalettes. "Man my Homie Happy-Mil was squatting on those pickle jars while that homie Drewzillai was eating mad Cotton Candy at the carnival" Harlan The Weak-Ass Hater - Enemy of Marvus The Strong. Hatchet Man - The icon representing Psychopathic Records. Happy-Mil - CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS NINJA CAN SQUAT ON 4 PICKLE JARS!