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The procedures and precedents to enforce them have been followed by generations of American presidents and their Cabinets.Background checks ensure that nominees are free of criminal problems or debilitating foreign connections.

To maliciously do any other act which is intended to substantially harm the person threatened or another with respect to his or her physical or mental health or safety. The person by words or conduct places the person threatened in reasonable fear that the threat will be carried out. Every person convicted of a violation of the provisions of this section shall be guilty of harassment, a gross misdemeanor. Whenever reasonably used by a person to detain someone who enters or remains unlawfully in a building or on real property lawfully in the possession of such person, so long as such detention is reasonable in duration and manner to investigate the reason for the detained person’s presence on the premises, and so long as the premises in question did not reasonably appear to be intended to be open to members of the public; E. Anonymously or repeatedly or at an extremely inconvenient hour, whether or not conversation ensues; or 2. It is unlawful for any person to solicit, entice, or otherwise communicate with a child under the age of 18 years for immoral purposes. The person being followed is intimidated, harassed, or placed in fear that the stalker intends to injure the person or property of the person being followed or of another person.

The person violates a court order issued pursuant to RMC 9.07.020 or RCW 9A.46.040 protecting the person being stalked; or 3.

The stalker has previously been convicted in this state or any other state of any crime of harassment as defined in RMC 9.04.020, of the same victim or members of the victim’s family or household member or any person specifically named in a no-contact order or no-harassment order; or 2.

The stalker’s victim is a current, former, or prospective witness in an adjudicative proceeding, and the stalker stalked the victim to retaliate against the victim as a result of the victim’s testimony or potential testimony. A finding that the alleged stalker repeatedly and deliberately appears at the person’s home, school, place of employment, business, or any other location to maintain visual or physical proximity to the person is sufficient to find that the alleged stalker follows the person.

It is not necessary to establish that the alleged stalker follows the person while in transit from one location to another. “Harasses” means unlawful harassment as defined in RMC 9.04.020 or RCW . “Protective order” means any temporary or permanent court order prohibiting or limiting violence against, harassment of, contact or communication with, or physical proximity to another person. “Repeatedly” means on two or more separate occasions.