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How to use reverse psychology in dating

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With insights from evolutionary psychology, we become better equipped to understand ourselves and others and to interact and communicate more effectively.

Nisbett has made a distinguished career of studying and teaching such powerful problem-solving concepts as the law of large numbers, statistical regression, cost-benefit analysis, sunk costs and opportunity costs, and causation and correlation, probing the best methods for teaching others how to use them effectively in their daily lives.

A must-read for everyone with an interest in mental health." - (Anne Cooke, Canterbury Christ Church University) See following link for full details: The second edition of this comprehensive textbook for students of Neuropsychology gives a thorough overview of the complex relationship between brain and behaviour.

With an excellent blend of clinical, experimental and theoretical coverage, it draws on the latest research findings from neuroscience, cognitive neuroscience, neurochemistry, clinical neuropsychology and neuropsychology to provide students with new insights in this fast moving field.

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