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Homer iliad odyssey history dating

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Odysseus is told to watch the Pleiades and late-setting Boötes and keep the Great Bear to his left.

Next, five days before the supposed eclipse, Odysseus arrives in Ithaca as the Star of Dawn — that is, Venus — rises ahead of the sun.

This happens for roughly three weeks at a time, about three times a year.

The scientists then searched for potential dates that satisfied all these astronomical references close to the fall of Troy, which has over the centuries been estimated to have occurred between roughly 1250 to 1115 B. From these 135 years, they found just one date satisfied all the references — April 16, 1178 B. "That's just one day out of about 50,000 days," Magnasco told .

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Still, Homer's earlier epic, the "Iliad," was centered on the war against Troy, and scientists first uncovered physical evidence of Troy in the 19th century.The researchers conjecture this trip refers to an apparent turning point of the motion of the planet Mercury.(Mercury was the Roman name for Hermes.) Backward planet Mercury completes its orbit around the sun in just roughly 88 days, compared with the year it takes Earth to do so."If our findings are correct, it would be pretty spectacularly strange.How could Homer have known about this eclipse, about planetary positions that happened some 100 years before him?This has long raised questions as to what other historical facts the epics might refer to.