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Gorillaz 2d noodle dating

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Thank you, I love your art and you two (or however many there are) are amazing!

Keyboard, Moog Donkatron, KORG Tokyo Synth SPECIAL* (Drum-o-Matic), Akai MAX49, Alesis Vortex Keytar, Moog Little Phatty Stage 2, Nord CD2 Portable Electric Organ, Nord electro4-HP Analog Keyboard, Nord Lead4 Analog Synth, Behringer DJ Controller CMD Studio 4A, Behringer DJ Controller LC-1, B. Rich Warlock Blue Acrylic Exclusive: #28 of 60, CASIO XW-G1, Roland DP-990RF Electric Piano, Epiphone Thunderbird IV Goth Bass, Ableton Push w/ Live 9 Suite, KORG Kiev Synth SPECIAL*, KORG Firenze Synth SPECIAL*, KORG Glasgow Synth SPECIAL*, KORG Bilbao Synth SPECIAL*, Significant Other(s): ex-girlfriends: Paula Cracker, Rachel Stevens Current girlfriends: None Family: Father: David Pot (mechanic; fairground owner); Mother: Rachel Pot (nurse); apparently has fathered several Tattoos/piercings and other notable features: 8-ball fractured eyes due to several accidents. Height: 6 feet, 2 inches Personality: Innocent, trusting, not terribly bright, certainly accident-prone, and irresponsible.

After the El Mañana conspiracy, 2D and Russel were frantic about Noodle's supposed death.Noodle and 2D have always been like brother and sister.That is, until one night, they have a drunk one – nightstand – but it isn't a one time thing.After the numerous beatings from Murdoc, these began to get worse and so he became addicted to painkillers.2D is his nickname, which refers to the dents on his head obtained from two vehicular accidents involving Murdoc's car; Stu-Pot (short-form of his given name, Stuart Pot), Two-Dents (callen face-ache by murdoc), Toochi (called by Noodle)(which gives you many headaches), so his mother gave him an endless supply of painkillers. Then at age 17 he took a job at a music store, Uncle Norm's Organ Emporium.When he was 11, he fell out of a tree and fell into a 3-day coma. At 20 he earned a girlfriend, One year later, Murdoc was doing donuts in a car-park, and 2D smashed out of the windshield in a crash. This is a place where I will dump all of my 2Nu smuts I've written. Second, Noodle will be above 18 years old, so there is no theme of underage sex!