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Both plants and animals exchange carbon with their environment until they die.

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Round the back there is a noticeable similarity between the X Cam and G5, with a large camera bump housing two sensors along with a flash and laser autofocus.There's no fingerprint sensors below on the LG X Cam though.A sizeable full HD display, punchy processor and feature which encourages you to take lots of photos could see the battery take a beating.

I found the screen to be bright and clear and colors were strong, although not as vibrant as Samsung's Super AMOLED displays.

The latter allows you to hold your hand up and then make a fist to trigger a three second count down timer.

LG's also packed a 2,520m Ah battery into the X Cam, although I'm wary that this phone could struggle to see out a full day on a single charge.

The LG X Cam looks to have one of the best cameras in the middle of the market and as long as LG can keep the pricing reasonable I think it could be on to a winner here.

It's running the latest version of Android, there's expandable storage and while LG may have removed the app draw I found the interface was still pleasing.