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“If these tribes and rain forests aren’t saved, the rest of mankind will follow,” read one post.

Another just simply said, “Il n’y a pas de mots” [“There are no words”].

One of the world’s last uncontacted tribes who are under increased threat from loggers over the border in Peru, according to tribal people’s charity Survival International.

It is a photograph of one of the last uncontacted tribes in the world, taken in June 2010 by FUNAI, Brazil’s Indian Department, together with what is thought to be the first-ever film footage.

Marcus Veron, the late leader of the Guarani-Kaiowá people, said of the forests and plains of Brazil that were his home, “This here is my life, my soul.

“It is hard to describe how connected my people are to nature,” said Davi Kopenawa, spokesman of the Yanomami people.The footage and photographs have appeared in more than 1,000 media outlets; over 4.4 million people watched the BBC’s program.Importantly, the Peruvian Government announced within 2 days of publication that they would work with Brazilian authorities to stop loggers entering isolated Indians’ territory along the two countries’ joint border, testament to the belief of José Carlos Mereilles, FUNAI’s uncontacted expert, when he said, “One image of them has more impact than a thousand reports.” Toby Nicholas of Survival International, who is responsible for Survival’s website and has been monitoring the traffic and statistics, said, “The pictures spread across the world within minutes, and produced a wave of support for uncontacted tribal peoples greater than anything we’ve ever seen before.Deep in one of the remotest parts of the Brazilian Amazon, in a clearing at the headwaters of the Envira River, an Indian man looks up at an aeroplane.He is surrounded by kapok trees and banana plants, and by the necessities of his life: a thatched hut, its roof made from palm fronds; a plant-fiber basket brimming with ripe pawpaw; a pile of peeled manioc, lying bright-white against the rain forest earth.“Our grandparents lived here; I am part of the land,” a hunter told me one morning, as we sat on a rocky outcrop scanning the acacia trees below for wart-hog. This place is my home.” It was this one comment that stayed with me.