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…waking up the next morning when I’m hungover, sober and I have two texts from my boyfriend wanting to go on a hike, responding to your text is now my 3rd or 4th priority.

And if she has a particularly jealous or involved boyfriend – you may never hear from her again, in fear of being found out. If you’ve been talking to her for a bit, she’s probably been lying to you the entire time or downplaying the situation (girls can be notorious for this) and that shows of her moral character 2.

She’s cheating on him, so that also shows of her character 3.

We’ve texted all day long, every day, since we exchanged numbers over a month ago.

It may not necessarily be another guy but something has come up that is more appealing than going on a date with someone I don’t really know.

The plans themselves could actually vary, but they sounded more exciting than whatever it was we had planned. The Social Media Curse If we met through social media or an online dating site/app, and for whatever reason I’m not feeling 100% up to going out, I don’t *really* feel too terrible flaking, because these guys are a dime a dozen. Maybe you made me nervous at the time, and I didn’t want to create an awkward situation by rejecting your offer.

It’s not necessarily her boyfriend, but the guy she’s been obsessed with for however long, for whatever reasons. When my friends and I are out and about, I’ll talk to almost anyone.

I like the attention guys give me, especially if I’m tipsy and in a flirty mood. Yes, I may give you my number and I might have seemed a 6 or 7 into you during our first interaction.

We’ve hung out once since then, but it was more of a short notice invite for me to come hang out at Applebees with her and her friend.

If, for some inexplicable reason, she goes totally cold between dates when she seemed into you the last time you saw her in person, consider whether or not you’ve done or said something dumb or annoying. You were a backup to begin with I tend to do this with guys who are generally nice, cool or “okay” guys who I like enough to keep around and/or people I like to have in my social arsenal.

But, these are guys who I won’t ever take seriously or pursue myself. The other guy There’s always a guy in her life that she’ll dump all other plans for, and you could be dealing with a “testing the waters” situation. We don’t always make the smartest or most well-thought-out decisions.

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Regardless of how good-looking, charismatic or genuinely interesting we may be…