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How to grow cannabis outdoor or indoor with the proper Plant Pot Size A cannabis of 6"*6"*6" should be perfect to support good growth. Organic Soil Mixes There are many different types of soil mixes available and they are easy to obtain from garden centers.Two proven types are: -4 parts topsoil, 1 part peat moss, 1 part vermiculite, 1 part perlite.Mount the remaining light on the roof of the cabinet. With enough light and nutrients you should have no trouble getting good growth. When the plants get to the height you want them (about 60cm is good) set the timer for 12 hours of light and 12 of dark. 4-6 weeks in vegetative growth stage, 2 weeks differentiation to split males and females and 8 weeks for the females to flower.

Grow cannabis indoor and outdoor Germination With winter past, the moisture and warmth of spring stir activity in the embryo.The inside of this closet should be painted with flat white paint or coated with aluminum foil (or Mylar is you have it). It will probably be hotter than this so cut a small ventilation hole (10cm*10cm) in the top of the cabinet. Water the plants once a day and feed the plants twice a week with a standard miracle grow product in the water.This will increase reflectivity and will make your lights more effective. Mount the lights vertically with one in each corner, as close to the top of the cabinet as possible. Try to use a high nitrogen plant food during vegetative growth (at the start) and a low nitrogen plant food during flowering.Most plant fertilizers contain these elements and a good, easily available, one is called Grow More.If you really want to then here are the some effective ratios of the three elements to be used through the two growth stages. For the flowering stages use 3-10-4 or 5-20-5 or 4-30-12.There should be between 18inches and 2ft growing space per plant.