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Speaking through tears, Stephen Willeford, the man some are calling a hero for engaging in a shootout with the Texas church gunman on Sunday, says he was afraid for his life but that he believes God gave him the skills needed to face the shooter. 6) A United Airlines flight heading to Washington, D. from Beijing was turned around during the flight after an altercation occurred between a passenger and a member of the flight crew, PEOPLE can confirm.

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The only way a man can appease his wife, is to ignore her complaints and just be himself, at least then he will give her something to complain about – because let’s face it, according to Streisand’s quote, women enjoy the act of complaining, it is what being a wife is all about apparently. But for some reason this is the only way we understand our world.If everything were perfect we would have nothing to figure out after all, and nothing to oppose.

Marriage, and relationship in general are about teamwork, and one team member is always going to be stronger than another, and as time goes by and situations change, those roles may reverse.Sometimes you might think that life would be simpler, or that you’re are so fed of the modern world you live in that you just want o escape all of the pretence and live your life in some kind of solitude.But the truth is that human beings need other human beings to bring meaning to their lives.If you need one reason to live, that reason is likely to be another living being. Someone works very hard to keep things rolling smoothly; someone else sails along for the ride.” ― Jodi Picoult, Mercy This is a very cynical insight into married life, but perhaps there is a lot of truth in it.People get married and suddenly they have a purpose, a journey to follow, a life to build. The scales always tend to tip more in one direction than the other.Say you meet someone and fall in love, why do you have to get married immediately?