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Ironically, even though white gay men respond to messages in general less frequently than gay men of color they fail to attract the highest rate of responses to the messages they send.
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"The main photo should just be you," says Bacon, "but the others can show you with your pet or you fly-fishing." Just remember not to post any photos that could rub potential matches the wrong way, cautions Bacon—"for instance, if you're a guy, don't post that photo of you surrounded by sexy cheerleader types." Cons: Upping your photo count with less-than-stellar pictures may actually lower your probability of getting a response.

"For me, a guy has a better shot if he just sticks to a couple photos," says Joelle, 35.

"I've seen some initial photos where I thought the guy was good-looking, but then by the fourth or fifth photo, I've decided he wasn't handsome at all and moved on." She explains that if she hadn't seen the other pictures, she might have started communicating with him and opened the door to dating.

How to make it work: "Four photos works best in my experience," says Ron Geraci, an online dating consultant in New York City.

Bacon warns that whatever size you are in your photo, you should still be wearing that size when you walk through the door.

Otherwise, you've entered the realm of deceiving your date.

"This is the number one complaint I hear," says Bacon.

"It's so much better to start off on the right foot!

"There are people who'll pass up a profile that doesn't post full-body shots because they assume the person has something to hide," says Bacon.Jennifer adds, "If someone puts up 14 pictures and 12 of them are all really similar, then what's the point?Either show me multiple sides of yourself—or show me fewer photos." How to make it work: Geraci considers more than five photos to be overkill, but if you do want to post more, he suggests an offbeat approach for the additional pictures: Shots that don't have you in them."Too many photos can be overwhelming [for some people]," says Bev Bacon, author of !"Most people don't have time to go through dozens of photos, especially if they're on a dial-up connection!"You want multiple photos to give the reader reassurance that there's truth in advertising here." For the sake of full disclosure, some online daters choose to post a plethora of pictures.