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Is this a newer or more populat thing in the last 5 years? shave it all every other day, brazillian for special occasions (vacation, etc. Guys like seeing clean shaven porn stars and ask their girls for it? I prefer to remain in my little bubble world where year old girls are not cooter-aware yet, in a sexual way at least. My cooter hair is private, but if you buy me dinner first, that could change. 3) I think it is a newer thing but Im not positive. You can upkeep them at home and maintain the shape. I do tweeze the SOs monobrow at his requ occasionally though. Sometimes Ill go months without doing anything and let it grow into a wild, untamed for. Or if Im feeling a bit more , Ill mow the whole lawn.

levels, from very skilled pro musicians, all the way through new and novice players. I pluck, but otherwise Id have massivly thick brows. The other areas are becoming more and more popular. In fact, I sure it was a mom of one who was on here asking our opinion. maybe Im strange, but I have a theory that cooter shaving became as popular as it is because of shows like sex and the city. Yes, it was gaining popularity before then, but then it just took over. I shave my arms, shave to next-to-nothing down there (cant bring myself to use the c**ter word). So have to trim those up too (1-2 times week) Shave every other day. My eyebrows are the anti I dont know that its an irish thing (I have noticed my italian heritage friends have hair issues though). Or, who knows what tribal peeps mated with your irish or my ancors!