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It turns out it was a high-altitude balloon-mounted spy camera developed in part by the CIA to secretly photograph Soviet Russia.

"It's hard to put into words," said David Mc Pherson Jr., son of the woodsman who originally found the mysterious box.

"I would suspect there was film in there, and it would be really interesting to learn what it was taking pictures of." But some familiar with the technology doubt the spy camera package recovered near Moncton was taking photos during its ill-fated flight.

Luis Pacheco is an archivist and cataloguer of stratospheric balloon flights and launches dating back to their creation.

Declassified documents from the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency in the United States reveal the origins of the white 181-kilogram box found hanging from a rotting parachute in a tree near Moncton in 1962.None of that surprised James Rogers, 74, who unknowingly helped Mc Pherson Sr. "I never thought it was a weather balloon," said Rogers, who was skeptical of the title the local newspapers had given the equipment he helped carry."Otherwise everyone wouldn't have been so secretive about it." David Mc Pherson Jr.Each year, UNESCO's World Heritage Committee may inscribe new sites on the list, or delist sites that no longer meet the criteria.Selection is based on ten criteria: six for cultural heritage (i–vi) and four for natural heritage (vii–x).He says he never believed the newspaper reports at the time declaring the find as a weather balloon.