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"I mean, when I played Robert Shapiro, he was so familiar that I felt like it had to be accurate to a certain degree, in order to lure the audience in I felt. I don't want people to think of John Travolta in this role.
As explained by Michael Saso, there are three main forms of Chiao ritual, lasting 3 or 5 days, each involving spirit-contact, blessing and healing of humans, and, for the Black Head priests, releasing of souls from hell.

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None of them were able to address these questions directly.

Alisa is one of the interviewees I talked to for a news story about New York-based Asian millennials’ attitude towards online dating.

Interestingly, among the four people that I talked to, three of them were introduced to dating apps by their American friends.

To their American friends, online dating is just one of the many ways to meet new people and start a relationship.

I realize during my research and interviewing process that the longer a person lives in the U. (as a foreigner growing up in China or Japan), the more likely he/she is to accept meeting someone via online dating. A possible reason is that the American society is built upon trust, and most of its citizens believe in it.

Don’t get me wrong–I’m not saying the Japanese or Chinese society is not built upon trust, but that the levels of mutual trust between two strangers are definitely very different between the West and the East.