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Dating laws in connecticut

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Looking for landlord tenant laws outside of Connecticut?The American Apartment Owners Association offers helpful landlord tenant laws for all 50 states.These are basically down deposits that are held in order to protect the property and motivate the tenant to take care of the rental unit.Information Regarding Eviction and Lease Termination It is important to realize that lease termination or landlord eviction is a real possibility in the renting world.According to reports, Saudina was both shot and stabbed by her former husband. Earlier this month, the Legislature passed a bill that changes a provision that exempted people in dating relationships from arrest for domestic abuse, requires domestic violence offenders banned from possessing firearms to surrender them to police or a federally-licensed firearms dealer and allows people of any age -- including teenagers-- to get a restraining order against an abusive partner.

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Under the current law, officers can arrest someone for dating violence, but an arrest isn't mandatory, as it is with other forms of domestic abuse. Greenwood said many of the calls to the center's hotline are from young women in dating relationships, so "it's almost unthinkable" that dating violence wasn't in the same category as other forms of domestic abuse.

However, Elliott said the fight against violence isn't one that can be won with legislature.

It will take deeper changes -- ones she can't even fully describe herself -- to stop the cycle of abuse entirely.

When she tried to leave him, the violence worsened, culminating in two incidents where he tried to kill her.

She said severity of domestic violence incidents seem to be worsening.