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“I’ve been dating a great guy for five months, but I still text back and forth with my ex-boyfriend. ” “There’s this girl at the gym who flirts with me and, yes, sometimes it gets a little risqué.

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The main goal is to provide support for women who are still working or retired from business and who want to stay connected with higher education and skills development.Their Linked In group is full of fascinating women who have a passion for supporting women of all ages in business pursuits.Small groups can meet in cafes or parks, or movie theatres.It is one of the best networking groups for women over 60 if you want to get together in person locally.Since many women over 60 are still working, either by choice or necessity, it is essential that we understand how to use the latest networking tools.The good news is that there are many online networking groups for women over 60.You can search for Linked In groups in your areas of interest.

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"If you get someone who's curious, you can probably always find something to talk about."Brainpower is important to most, according to Match, which reports 80% of singles said dating someone of the same intelligence is a "must have" or "very important."Intelligence also correlates with other benefits, like a higher income, sense of humor and creativity, said Helen Fisher, chief scientific adviser for Match, in a statement."People everywhere gravitate to smart lovers, because an intelligent partner comes with a host of sexy perks," Fisher said.

The site includes a wide range of social and volunteer charity activities.

You can search for other women using fields like age, marital status, local area, interests, activities and passions.

You often will see a group of older women wearing their distinctive red hats and gloves in coffee shops and meeting places round the world.

They attract women, over 50, from all walks of life.