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“Unlike the photograph, the moving image creates a feeling that it more accurately depicts what it is representing, whether it does or not.”Academics date the origins of war porn to the scandalous images from Abu Ghraib Prison, in which Iraqi prisoners were stacked on top of each other to form naked pyramids, forced to simulate sexual acts, or otherwise abused. Lynndie England holding a naked prisoner by a leash became an iconic representation of the war. But when paying via credit card proved problematic, Wilson let them swap war footage for access to the site’s sexual content. But as the Iraq War took a turn for the worse in late 2004, the photos and footage got bloodier and included shots of headless corpses and body parts like intestines, brains, and what appeared to be limbs. A Pentagon investigation into the war footage on his site led to no charges against him or military members.

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Wilson’s model would reconstruct Nova Scotia through eight geological eras going back to the early Jurassic age, just as Pangaea was breaking up.

Given how oil cooked up over time, that was where, if substantial undiscovered reserves existed, they would be found.

Examining Nova Scotian history, Wilson noticed that the early drillers had worked almost entirely in extremely shallow water—400-500 feet (120-150m) deep.

He also observed that, in their post-1986 run of bad luck, they had been relying almost wholly on 1970s seismic methods—tools that are rudimentary by today’s standards.

To begin with, however, all Mac Mullin had to go on was a hunch.

And since oil had been found in the deep waters offshore from Morocco, Mac Mullin had heard from experts, it stood to reason, geologically speaking, that it must be present in Nova Scotia, too. By starting at the very birth of the conditions for the creation of hydrocarbons, they might locate Nova Scotia’s petroleum trove.

Sandy Mac Mullin is 55 years old, solid like the amateur hockey player he was for years, and a fitness fanatic, bicycling for 25 minutes every day to his office near the marina even in Halifax’s freezing winters.

Nobody will know if Mac Mullin’s labors have paid off until later this year, when the first well is spudded.

And now, with oil prices plunging and companies scaling back their exploration, it could all be at risk—although both companies say they are carrying on regardless for now.