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Even when the two filed for divorce -- the reason was alleged adultery -- the two were often rumored to be back together.
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Like all great literature you will always find something new to experience within these pages; the coasts of Australia, the treasures of the Indian Ocean, the untamed splendour of the wildernesses of Kenya, Tanzania and Madagascar.

From the golden gates of San Francisco to the iconic chimes of Big Ben, be the inspiration to become the author of your dreams.

The result will be a unique anthology of the voyage, an unprecedented portrait of The Tale of Tales. Floor-to-ceiling glass doors open onto a furnished private teak veranda.

Silversea's oceanview suites are some of the most spacious in luxury cruising. Each spectacular sunset feels like it is yours alone.

Broad decks, panoramic lounges, gourmet dining options and all-suite accommodations ensure the most comfortable journey.

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Take in a matinee movie, check the market or your e-mail in the Internet Point, slip away with a novel from the library to a sunny chaise or with a movie to your suite. At 329 square km (127 square mi), this is the largest of the Marquesas Islands; it was also the inspiration for two of Melville's novels, Typee and its sequel Omoo.

It's also impossible to see from one side of the lagoon to the other.

Rangiroa's tourism industry has been built around the lagoon and the two passes (Avatoru and Tiputa) that connect it to the ocean.

Divers descend on Rangi, as it's nicknamed, to "shoot the pass." The atoll's main town, Avatoru, and the village of Tiputa lie in the northern...

Moorea is called the "sister island" of Tahiti and its proximity—just 19 km (12 mi) away across the Sea of Moon—has assured a steady stream of both international and local visitors.