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Just like I mentioned in our review of the site, their service hasn’t really changed all that much during this time.

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They have to look for the chemistry between the characters and if somebody clashes, it’s not going to work. He brings rhythm, he brings a lot of humor and the banter between Deeks and Kensi is something the audience is really going to appreciate.

Is it fun to have that banter between your characters?

is about the high-stakes world of a division responsible for apprehending dangerous and elusive criminals that pose a threat to the nation’s security.

Even though now there’s quite a different tone, at the time, I needed to know where I was coming from. I just walked in going, “Whatever happens, happens.He’s really fun and he improvises so many things at the end of the scenes. We all make each other laugh, to be honest with you.He seems to fit in very well, and I think that’s why he was cast.It’s a double-edged sword because, on one hand, you have this confidence because the show already exists and that’s a wonderful platform for us to step onto, but on the other hand, you have such faithful fans who might not receive us very well because we have the same title, even though now we’ve become really a different show. Do your best and then walk away.” That’s how you have to treat auditions, otherwise you’d be stressed all the time. Are there any major changes for the show or your character? Her dad taught her to do everything, and I think Deeks is quite fascinated by that.Daniela: We have a couple of additions to the show. She’s still a little weary of him, and she’s not one to let men get too close too quickly, so it’s going to be a really fun development for those characters.Even though things are done for dramatic effect and the betterment of the story, how difficult was it to lose a cast member already in the first season? I think that it revealed everyone else’s own mortality, in terms of the characters, because it shows that anyone can go at anytime. A family is created throughout the process, and it’s always difficult when you lose someone. How has Eric Christian Olsen changed the dynamic of the ensemble that was already established? Daniela: Eric is the kind of actor who is very comfortable.