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Consolidating multiple iras

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Those who withdraw less than the RMD amount by the deadline will owe the IRS an excise tax of 50% of the shortfall.As such, individuals must take care to ensure they withdraw a sufficient amount to meet their RMD.In March 2013, he contacted his IRA custodian for assistance with calculating his RMD.The custodian used Michael\'s previous year-end FMV of 0,000 and his distribution period of 23.8.We have rolled out our new Online Banking platform with more options and more convenience everywhere you go!

Most importantly, be sure to inform your custodian of these adjustments.

You must therefore figure out your RMD with these current-year recharacterizations and conversions.

Let's look at the following examples: Michael reached age 74 in 2013.

This means avoiding some pitfalls when calculating the RMD for a retirement account.

Use the Correct Fair Market Value The RMD for a year is determined by dividing the previous year-end's fair market value (FMV) by the applicable distribution period.