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In fact in the Golden Horde, the northwestern region of the Mongol Empire which eventually gave rise to the Tatars who imposed the yoke on the Russians, non-Genghiside warlords produced fictive genealogies claiming descent from Muhammad as a way to negate the lineage advantage of their Genghiside rivals.

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It was an island of correctness with little human contact outside of those gates – until senior Tatum Bass wasn't feeling the love in 2009.Tatum was so unhappy with the verbal abuse she had suffered by a group of girls, and the headmistress, Kate Windsor, did nothing to stop the harassment.DEAR ABBY: Last year I had a baby with one of my college professors.He left me 10 days before our daughter was born and has never met her.- Engaged to a Big Talker DEAR ENGAGED: Your fiance may have difficulty picking up on social cues, which is why he doesn't notice that others become annoyed as he drones on and on.

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As student activities coordinator for the student government, Tatum had suggested the school participate in a multi-school prom.A secret society of girls calling themselves the Oprichniki, named after a 16th century Russian torture squad, began calling her 'retarded'.They yelled 'f*** you' at her in front of hundreds of people and taunted her in text messages and on Facebook – all with no intervention by the school.Sometimes it takes multiple doses of "medicine" to cure an ailment, but the longer you allow this man to occupy real estate in your head, the harder it will be for you to get on with your life. Talk on too much talk DEAR ABBY: I love my fiance with all my heart. Is there any way I can gently talk to him about this so he's aware that he is irritating people?I don't want to hurt him, but I also don't want him to annoy people. His coworkers get that same look on their faces when he's talking that his family members do when they are annoyed with him.I'm in therapy, but seeing him on a dating website describing himself as a good person, when in truth he's a sociopath, has reopened wounds I thought had closed months ago. I've known this since I met him, but because I don't talk much, it doesn't bother me. However, I can see our friends getting annoyed because of his constant talking.