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We investigate whether the reported frequencies of receipt vary by age group, gender and race. In HRS' pre-Medicare population, subjects without health insurance were compared to those with any type of health insurance.

In addition, we document whether any racial differences persist in age groups covered by Medicare insurance, and evaluate the cohorts' recent progress, from 1996 to 2000, towards the goals of ] The survey contains information about health behaviors, ill health and disability, medical care usage, and other topics. In AHEAD, where nearly all subjects were covered by Medicare, those with additional, private insurance were compared to those without additional insurance.

Detta är hur vardagarna ser ut för HBTQ personer i Sverige idag.

”Utsatt” är en självbiografisk fotoutställning av J. Brygghuset Love vill med sina tavlor problematisera könsbegreppet och belysa den djupt rotade heteronormativa tänket som han tror samhället behöver för att skapa en bättre livssituation för hbtq-personer, och framförallt transpersoner.

When technology seems to be tearing us apart, we feel that it can actually bring the world closer together than ever before.

However, the proportions immunized are 10–20% higher among White than among Black elderly, with no obvious narrowing of the racial gap from 1995/1996 to 2000.

There is an increase in rates from age 50 to age 65. In multivariate analyses, the racial difference remains after adjusting for a series of socioeconomic, health, and health care related variables.

Twenty to 40 thousand deaths are attributed to influenza each year, with 90 percent of these in patients over age 65. Earlier studies have shown persistent racial disparities, not only for influenza morbidity [] Under age 65, such racial discrepancy may be due to health insurance differences, but health insurance differences should not play a central role after Medicare becomes available to all groups at age 65. " Current smokers were compared to current non-smokers and those who reported engaging in vigorous exercise compared to those who did not report exercising vigorously.

The objective of these analyses is to evaluate the determinants of influenza vaccination among the elderly, based on 2 large, national studies of middle aged and old Americans. Those who reported their health as being fair or poor were contrasted with those who reported their health as being excellent, very good or good, and (in AHEAD only) those with cognitive impairment were contrasted with those who were cognitively normal [).