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Returning to Nagano, catch a bullet train to the cultural and historic hub of Kanazawa. Meals - Breakfast Kanazawa boasts some of the country’s best-preserved traditional neighbourhoods, once home to Geisha and Samurai.

This scenic settlement is also an exciting, modern city with a thriving modern art, fashion and dining scene.

Mount Fuji No trip to Japan is complete without a visit to see the country’s highest peak.

It is an active volcano – last erupting in 1707 – and was the home of a fire goddess according to local legend.

hroughout the tour you will stay in a range of accommodation that reflects the diversity and culture of Japan.

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Beyond the famed flowers, you will explore Japan’s most magnificent sights, including Mount Fuji, the temples of Kyoto, and the snow monkeys of Yudanaka.

Long revered as a sacred Shinto shrine for its power and form, Fuji is one of the most recognisable and beautiful symbols of the nation.

Meet the snow monkeys You will have the opportunity to see the wonderful Japanese macaques, more widely referred to as snow monkeys, who bathe and play in hot springs in the forest.

Yudanaka, at the top of a valley full of orchards and farms, is also well-known as an onsen resort, and your accommodation tonight will be in a traditional ryokan.

You could also try the Japanese onsen (shared baths) where men and women bathe separately in natural hot springs (note that it is customary to go nude).