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He then repeatedly says 'okay, okay' while the officer yells, 'give me your hand!

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It really just means waxing poetic about your relationship drama and hoping it comes across and sensitive and soulful rather than whiny and self-pitying. As a reaction against the ever-more techno-centric dating landscape, more and more daters are kicking it old-school.This could mean anything from rejecting online dating altogether and challenging themselves to make IRL meet-cutes happen to going tech-free on dates (meaning, keep your phone on you, because, safety first, but put it on airplane mode or silent).Anyone who's been single in the last few years knows that the singles scene has become a much more complicated place than it was in days of yore.Along with the hard-won victories women have claimed in the fight for gender equality and equal rights have come new questions about our role in the dating game.They're the ones who post cryptic, melancholy lyrics on all their social media platforms, like "I never had you, although I would be glad to.

So, you met somebody who seemed really into you and you started off a bit ambivalent.

It's the time of year that cuffers are dating up a storm and then begin to narrow down their prospects in hopes of having a guaranteed cuddle buddy by the time the first snow falls.

Even Drake is in on the cuffing game: "Damn, is it the fall?

So, until these folks work through their issues, they'll play out the issues of their parent/child relationship over and over. They just become less available, then you stop seeing them altogether.

The slow fade is a lot like ghosting and often has very similar causes to the catch and release. Rather than saying, "Hey, this is moving faster than I'm comfortable with. There are halfhearted attempts at conversation via text or Facebook for a little while, but eventually even that stops.