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The collodion process is said to have been invented in 1851, almost simultaneously, by Frederick Scott Archer and Gustave Le Gray.

During the subsequent decades, many photographers and experimenters refined or varied the process.

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Unless you're going to fill up an entire truck with junk and it's in a spot where you just dont' want to carry it out of, then I wouldn't even consider this service. 4 to remove something that is so easy and quick. They'll con you out of so much money it's unbelievable and they know they have you because it has to be removed. On the web site their charges are clearly stated with a pictorial examples of what constitutes what fraction or full load of the truck. Lets be realistic people, i also own a junk removal company in ontario, and based on what i just read, the total cost should have been 4o. I could not tell you how many times we have done jobs because of these companies charging this way! Taking advantage of people is no way to keep repeat business, not to mention all the time and fuel wasted driving all over the city, getting turned down by customers, because you charge to much.

Theres no way they require so much money for a few items.

You can talk business about how much things cost all day but when the same business can afford to drop 0 off their estimate because you refuse their business, you know they are in the business to scam.

You could have also gone to home depot and pay some people to move it for you, but you run the risk of some strangers knowing where you live and whats inside.

With a professional server at least you have a peice of mind. It doesn't hurt anything on your side for them to come and give a price.

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Collodion is normally used in its wet form, but can also be used in humid ("preserved") or dry form, at the cost of greatly increased exposure time.

NOW YOU COULD HAVE DONE IT YOUSELF Im going to assume the reason you didn't is you didn't have a truck but you were physically able-- truck rental uhaul a day min.-- insurance --fuel round trip --hire someone to help 1hr. I own a Junk Removal corporation as well, and people sometimes just don't understand the costs involved. Plus gas, tax, dump fees, insurance, mileage, labor, etc.

If you think 4 is too expensive rent a U-Haul for 0 and haul it yourself and pay a minimum of dump fee, gas, mileage and your time and labor. There are plenty of people and places that will either take it free or even pay you for it.

Make sure you have a good size truck to do the job; those do not come cheap (they don't use pick up trucks). Pay for the disposal fees of the item (which by the way, a pickup truck may get away with a dump fee, but legitimate trucks of good size will see a - minimum for disposal).

Oh, and if you want to keep doing business, pay for your advertising to get your name out there. Yes, there are pickup truck operations out there that don't carry insurance and may not even have 2 men working for them.