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Now, When user u1 try to insert/update/delete from table T1, Should Trigger fire or not? Krishna Kumar insert into t1 values (1); TRG2 TRG1 1 row created. Regards Michel constraints technically are validated AFTER the statement executes - it is not really defined whether a trigger will or will not fire (and if you have logic that depends on such intricate ordering, we have a really big logic problem) September 07, 2006 - am UTC not really, it is just that "it is more complex than can be simply stated as a sequence of operations" a simple check constraint - sure but a constraint that needs to look "across rows" like a primary key or foreign key - they are conceptually done AFTERWARDS. I no longer think that a list of modified blocks is necessary; all it takes it's just a counter of violations (index collisions) maintained as the DML executes. Emrick blog (very interesting) and thank to "A Reader" for the "exact link to the pk=pk 1 topic", also to Eric's blog :) Tom, it's very helpful for me. I am updating one table with after I/U/D for each row... So I need to track which columns are being updated.

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